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emily foucault

Emily Foucault is a dynamic brand partner and writer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, who thrives at the intersection of marketing and storytelling. With a remarkable career spanning marketing agencies, media partnerships, and content creation, Emily's expertise lies in forging powerful connections between brands and their audiences.

about emily

Emily's artistic journey began in her formative years as a dancer, honing her craft in jazz, tap, and ballet. Her innate sense of rhythm and grace propelled her to embark on a brief but remarkable career as a professional dancer, captivating audiences across the United States. Not content with limiting her creative endeavors, she also displayed a remarkable talent for golf, traversing the Canadian landscape as a marketing and merchandising professional for prestigious golf apparel brands including Sunice and Ashworth. Her contributions to iconic events such as the Canadian Open and CP Women's Open, alongside her tenure at esteemed golf institutions Hamilton and Mississaugua Golf and Country Club, solidifying her reputation in branding and sports marketing.


Elevating her trajectory, Emily spent a decade hustling and honing her expertise at leading global marketing agencies, including MediaCom and Hill+Knowlton. The culmination of her vast marketing knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit materialized with the founding of ThinkHatch in 2017. This groundbreaking venture pushed industry norms, providing bespoke fractional marketing support to startups on their climb to success. Bolstered by an exceptional team of diverse industry experts, ThinkHatch quickly garnered acclaim, supporting esteemed startup clients such as ThreeShips, Rainstick Shower, and Joya. Recognizing her exceptional contributions, Emily was recognized with the coveted Honorary Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year by Startup Canada in 2018, cementing her status as a visionary leader. Her remarkable journey was further underscored by being named a Finalist for the Notable Woman Award in the same year.

But Emily's journey extends far beyond her professional accomplishments. Living with a rare disease, mast cell activation syndrome, she has channeled her resilience into a passionate mission. Emily is dedicated to supporting the often-overlooked rare disease community, amplifying their voices, and raising awareness of their unique struggles. Her unwavering commitment to this cause is a testament to her compassion and determination.


As a writer and content creator, Emily joins words like an artist, crafting narratives that aim to inspire, inform, and transform. Her storytelling shines a light on the experiences of those living with rare diseases and advocates for a world that is more inclusive and understanding.

A profound advocate for animal welfare and mental health, Emily's devotion to our four-legged companions is unparalleled. In 2017, she co-founded #HelpOurPetsTO, an initiative that extends vital support to homeless individuals in Toronto by caring for their beloved pets. Understanding the unyielding bond between humans and their furry friends, Emily recognizes the immeasurable solace and companionship they provide during challenging times.


Emily's magnetic presence and unrivaled expertise have earned her notable recognition from esteemed media outlets, including The KitAnokhi Media, now., The Atelier Collective

Discover her inspiring insights and captivating world at, where she fearlessly explores the intersection of art, wellness, and personal growth.

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