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Emily Foucault Lifestyle & Wellness Enthusiast

Emily has an engaging personality and a story to tell! She believes that being vulnerable isn’t a weakness, rather it’s a strength to support others in their journey to share their truth.

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Emily Foucault | mental health advocate

mental health advocate

Are you ready for a speaker who is real about her struggles with mental health, her continued journey to wellness, her truth about agency life, her venture into entrepreneurship and what she learned along the way? She loves sharing her experiences and seeing the spark in others as they realize “I can relate!”

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lifestyle & wellness enthusiast 

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Living with chronic mental and physical illnesses makes living in our fast-paced world challenging for Emily, as no two days are alike. Emily intentionally lives a slow-paced lifestyle so that she can honour her body and live more aligned and fulfilled. 


Throughout Emily’s life there have been many things that have kept her grounded, but consistently flowers and candles have been her guiding light. During the pandemic she started making candles, while finding stillness, and trying to protect her mental health while engaging in a new found hobby! 


You can usually find Emily planting flowers, picking flowers, giving flowers, sniffing flowers, and maybe snipping and snatching the odd lilac from time to time. The truth is, their healing ability is stronger than we often realize. In partnership with local florists, Emily hosts floral arranging workshops in an effort to spark connection, slow down, and do something positive for our mental health. To signup for future floral arranging workshops, signup here


Emily’s goal is to share more candles and flowers in hopes of spreading more kindness.


You can follow Emily on instagram for candle making highlights, slow-paced lifestyle hacks, and mindful inspirations. 

animal welfare supporter

Emily’s had a lifelong journey with mental health challenges and understands the importance the love a dog can provide. She also realizes how people can be one step away from homelessness. Thus, in 2017 she partnered with with Liberty Village Animal Hospital, Simply Laundry, and Park9 to launch #HelpOurPetsTO. Our mission is to provide support to people in Toronto who are homeless by providing for their pets. The love and comfort a pet provides is undeniable and we want to support those during challenging times.

Emily Foucault Animal Welfare Supporter

entrepreneur &

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As a big picture strategic marketer armed with over a decade of experience working at some of the top global marketing agencies, including MediaCom, Hill+Knowlton, and Rosetta Interactive, Emily founded ThinkHatch in 2017. After living the agency life, she created a company committed to doing things differently and dedicated herself to supporting the unique needs of startups on their climb to success. To achieve this, Emily brought together a best-in-class team of professionals, supported by top advisors and a network of partners from many industries, backgrounds, and areas of expertise. Together, they Think and Hatch solutions to meet the custom needs of growing startups, the likes of ThreeShips, Rainstick Shower, and Joya. After stepping down from ThinkHatch to focus on her health, she now provides a service where her marketing expertise meets her love of mentoring.


Emily was recognized for her achievements in 2018, when she was awarded the Honorary Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year from Startup Canada. She was also a 2018 Finalist for the Notable Woman Award and a 2018, 2019 and 2020 RBC Women of Influence Nominee. She was proud to be a past mentor for Startup Canada and a judge for The Canada Innovation & Entrepreneurship Awards (also known as the CANIE Awards) and Fierce Founders.

Emily knows that every business has a story to tell and she takes that story and translates its into a strategic plan through mentorship and advisory support.  

Emily Foucault Entrepreneur Advisor
Emily Foucault Lifestyle and Wellness

Emily believes you can’t look from outside the box when you’re in the box, so she gives the outside perspective that every business with a dream and a vision needs.

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