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Emily Foucault | Brand Partner | Patient Advisor

PATIENT ADVISOR, Department of Family & Community Medicine (DFCM) at the University of Toronto:

As a Patient Partner with the Department of Family & Community Medicine (DFCM) at the University of Toronto, I leverage my lived experiences to drive healthcare innovation. Collaborating closely with the DFCM team, I provide valuable perspectives on projects aimed at advancing family medicine and enhancing patient care. Whether it's offering feedback on educational programs, sharing insights on clinical practices, or advocating for patient-centered approaches, I'm committed to ensuring that the patient voice remains central to the department's work. Together with DFCM, I'm dedicated to shaping the future of family medicine and fostering meaningful connections between healthcare providers and the communities they serve.


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Drawing on my journey navigating chronic mental and physical illnesses, I’ve embraced a slow-paced lifestyle, finding peace and fulfillment in creative pursuits like candle making and floral arranging. I host and organize floral arranging events as part of my efforts to build connections and foster well-being. Recognizing the therapeutic benefits of these activities, I'm passionate about integrating storytelling to promote wellness while amplify a brand's message and sharing it with my audience. Collaborating with a range of wellness, lifestyle, and innovative brands—particularly those focused on women's health, rare diseases, and event-related ventures—I bring fresh insights and valuable content to my audience. Together, through a purposeful partnership, we can authentically connect and spread kindness, advancing your brands mission one connection at a time.


Living with mast cell activation syndrome. (MCAS), I'm dedicated to championing the often-overlooked rare disease community, amplifying their voices and raising awareness of their unique challenges. As one of the moderators for the Canadian Mast Cell Activation Syndrome Facebook group, I actively connect and support other Canadians on their journey. My unwavering commitment to this cause is a testament to my compassion and determination. As a content creator, I craft narratives that inspire, inform, and transform, shedding light on the experiences of those living with rare diseases and advocating for greater inclusivity and understanding.

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As a strategic marketer with over a decade of experience at top global agencies, including MediaCom and Hill+Knowlton, I founded ThinkHatch in 2017. Committed to supporting startups on their journey to success, I assembled a team of professionals and advisors from diverse backgrounds to provide Fractional marketing solutions. Recognized for my achievements, I received the Honorary Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year from Startup Canada in 2018 and was named a Finalist for the Notable Woman Award. Now, I channel my marketing expertise into mentoring, offering strategic guidance to businesses with dreams and visions. Clients appreciate my dedication and outside perspective, recognizing my genuine desire for their success.

Thanks for exploring! I'm passionate about advocating for rare diseases, fostering wellness connections, and providing valuable insights as a patient advisor.

Ready to elevate your brand? Let's collaborate on lifestyle initiatives, raise awareness for rare diseases, or explore innovative marketing strategies together.

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