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Taking the Guesswork Out of Start-up Culture with CEO and Founder of ThinkHatch Emily Foucault

Raj Girn

Dec 1, 2020

The two words that I feel that have been very indicative of what’s been going on with businesses around the world have been the word pivot, the word innovate times 10 to previous years. To break it all down, my guest today is the Founder and CEO of ThinkHatch, Emily Foucault.

In this episode. Raj has a discussion with CEO and Founder of ThinkHatch, Emily Foucault on the ‘need to knows’ about start up culture (the things that they don’t tell you that you have to have in place in order to set yourself up for success). The state of investing in 2020 and what the pundits are saying about 2021. Women vs men led companies as investment opportunities (the stats, facts, and her opinion on the confidence gap). If you are a startup, thinking about it, an investor, or just interested in it all, this episode is for you! And please let people in your networks know about this if you feel that it will add value to their lives!

To hear the full interview click here.

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